National Police Week 2021: May 9 - May 15

We can choose hatred or we can choose love. We can choose war or we can choose peace. We can choose antagonism or we can choose compassion. These are personal choices, based on personal opinions and beliefs, but reality is made of facts. And facts are that there are hundreds of thousands of men and women, across the country, who have chosen to risk their lives to serve their communities, as many before them have chosen to do. 

Those men and women wear a uniform and a badge. 

On May 15th we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, those who didn’t get to come back home to their family after their work day. They have fallen in silence, like leaves in a chilly autumn evening, their names forgotten by all but their loved ones. A day of remembrance and gratitude. A symbolic date, although grief and pride should remain alive and strong in our hearts every day.